For over 15 years the francesca avossa agency has been providing value-add services for brands and retailers operating in the home, upscale and luxury product market as they grow their image across all media. We focus not only on image strategy but also on visual styling.



We place creative direction at the heart of our strategic thinking about a brand’s positioning, creative concepts, and stylistic identity.



We are committed to helping brands define themselves more sharply so they will be perceived for their true value, and able to sustain their creative momentum over the long term.



> High-end brands in the design/fashion/home market that wish to become more visible and sustainable,

> Italian brands seeking to promote their expertise abroad, particularly in France – the reference for international luxury,

> Craftspeople and manufacturers in the design/fashion/style/home sector looking for design partners to enhance their collections,

> Family brands needing to reposition to stay up to date or even take the high ground in order to organize the future of their brand assets.


Whichever way we provide support, we always recommend a positioning, a toolbox of creative concepts, and a stylistic identity that is perfectly tailored to your brand. The loyalty of our customers is the best possible proof of our commitment.




An Italian based in Paris, Francesca Avossa began her career in advertising at Eurocom in the 1980s, where she developed communication strategies for such brands as RATP, BNP, L’ORÉAL, and EVIAN.

She then worked in the luxury world at Gauvin Design where she designed retail spaces, events, publications, and press kits, especially for the Carole Bracq press office (Pomellato, Pommery, and Cointreau among others).


In 1995, Galeries Lafayette chose her to manage the store’s Visual Identity.

For five years she designed settings for fashion and home products in the retailer’s 70 different stores. Building on this close linkage between communication and design, she founded the francesca avossa agency in 2000 to provide brands with a creative direction service.


30 years’ experience in image and styling for the major design/fashion/home brands, bringing an aesthetically-tuned Italian eye to the wealth of French sophistication.


Inspired by this demanding passion, the small but responsive agency team combines strategic vision and artistic power to solve the stylistic problems of brand identity.

Francesca Avossa