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Creative direction for brands is the main focus of the Francesca Avossa Studio.
Thanks to Francesca Avossa’s passion, commitment and 30 years of experience, the Studio advises brands and high-end stores in the design / fashion / home decoration sectors on how to develop their image and style using every possible way to highlight their vitality and visibility.


Francesca Avossa Studio provides a transversal, global Brand Art Direction that utilizes both long-term strategies and style implications. For this, the studio has a large group of skills: creative direction of catalogues, creative direction of institutional photos and reporting, creative direction of collections, scenographic design for stands and stores, observation of industry trends …
Each skill, chosen individually by a client, can be applied to sporadic or more long-term projects.


Francesca Avossa Studio produces aesthetic and creative contributions nourished by a stylistic reflection and overall strategic vision that guarantees brand coherence. For this, we set up and bring together a strong, transversal, comprehensive image and style strategy that can make an impact and be part of a brand’s narrative in many ways. Thus the contemporary image created by the Studio, working in harmony with the brand’s story, will continue over time.

No aesthetic proposition can make an impact without having a strong image since beauty must be shown in a way that can be seen, heard, respected and desired.

By combining the Italian eye and French sophistication of Francesca Avossa and her team, The Studio plays up its multiple influences and cultivates beauty as a true commitment. This is translated through styles that may be at once decorative, pure, sober, and contribute to an emotional, contemporary image.


The studio is made up of in-house collaborators and outside consultants who bring together strategic vision and artistic strength: photographers, photographic stylists, product and textile designers, graphic designers as well as journalists, artists and art historians. For each client we put together an evolutive, flexible team of dedicated creative people.


Francesca Avossa Studio’s eye and inspiration help high-end, established brands who wish to invest in visible, long-term growth while repositioning themselves and staying in synch with (or even being one step ahead of) their era by organizing the future of their brand heritage.

Francesca Avossa Studio caters to emerging brands, design studios and artistic craftsmen who seek to energize, develop, structure and upgrade their collections.

Francesca Avossa Studio accompanies Italian brands who promote their skills in France and internationally by helping them create a context and process that will make an impact and reach their target.

Francesca Avossa Studio offers architecture agencies, real estate developers and brands its complementary skills in both interior design and as a colorist.


An Italian based in Paris, Francesca Avossa began her career in advertising at Eurocom in the 1980s, where she developed communication strategies for such brands as RATP, BNP, L’ORÉAL, and EVIAN.

She then worked in the luxury world at Bracq Gauvin Groupe where she designed retail spaces, events, publications, for Pomellato, Pommery, and Cointreau…

In 1995, Galeries Lafayette chose her to manage the store’s Visual Identity.

For five years she designed settings for fashion and home products in the retailer’s 70 different stores.

Building on this close linkage between communication and design, she founded in 2000 Francesca vossa Image & Design, a brand art direction agency, today known as Francesca Avossa Studio.